Dr. Vinaya Singh, PhD for CA Assembly District 10

Make California Great Again!

“California is being ruined by the influence of wealthy special interests. If voters want accountability, affordability, and safety, they must elect new leaders.”

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My Vision

What I Believe

I have a vision to make California Great Again and I need your support to transform it into reality. My vision is to approach issues with common sense and a respect for taxpaying voters. The burning issues of California, such as immigration, homelessness, crime, inflation, discrimination, our deteriorating education system, and climate change, can only be solved if we take special interests out of the equation and focus on addressing the cause of each problem.

There must be consequences for bad behavior. AB 109, and Props. 47 and 57 have not led to safer communities and must be repealed. Businesses and property owners must be allowed to defend their investments and homes and victims should be given priority over criminals.

The State and Federal governments should stay out of education policy and local school boards should be allowed to set curriculum and to engage with parents. Education unions should not be allowed to donate to public officials who are voting on their contracts. Improving academic skills should be prioritized and guided by the needs of each school. Political/social indoctrination does not belong in the schools and parents should have a right to transparency on all matters relating to their children.

Voters have passed bonds that never result in the projects as promised. Taxpayers are forced to pay excessive fees and charges with no accountability. Audits are needed periodically for every agency to make certain duplication is avoided and programs are effective. Budgets should always be balanced and voting records on spending made available to the public.

When issues arise, you can always follow the money to see where the blame lies. Politicians should not get rich off their tenure in public office. Here, transparency is crucial. Elected officials should be required to disclose not only political contributions received, but also donations made to non-profits they promote in order to gain political favor. And non-profits should be audited to ensure they are not actually political arms of elected officials or parties. Our current state government is not solving problems, while thousands of non-profits and political organizations are fully funded to address these issues.

California is a Sanctuary State that welcomes undocumented and unvetted immigrants. Meanwhile, we have the highest percentage of homeless residents, rent and home ownership is unaffordable, and our welfare program provides incentives not to work or be self-sufficient. This cannot be sustained and is unfair to taxpayers. As an immigrant who obtained citizenship through legal channels, I understand the importance of the legal immigration process and oppose our open borders and sanctuary policies.

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Meet Dr. Vinaya Singh, PhD

Growing Up

Born to a poor farming family in a remote area of India


Highly dedicated student with a vision of being a scientist who achieved a government scholarship and completed his BS and MS in Computer Engineering

NASA Scientist

Worked as a scientist for the Indian Space Research
Organization and coordinated with USA’s NASA.

Internet Technology Specialist

Worked for various IT companies in the USA and completed his PhD in Management.


Became a Naturalized Citizen of the USA.

Space Research

Remains involved in space research programs and is credited with more than 25 research papers.

Hobbies & Interests

Enjoys playing Soccer, Volleyball, Chess, & Carrom.


Married to Mira Singh for 37 years with three adult children.

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Tuesday, March 5th
Tuesday, November 5th

Is your neighborhood safe?

Can you afford food, gas and other basic necessities?

Is your local public school teaching students the skills they will need to compete in a global economy?

If you answered “NO” to any of these questions, then vote to change the legislators who represent you in the 2024 election. Otherwise, nothing will improve.

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2024 Campaign Kickoff

Dr Singh’s campaign kicks off on September 6, 2023. Door-to-door campaign will start that day. Please join us at 8755 Center Parkway, Sacramento at 9:00 AM.

8755 Center Parkway,

6 September 2023
9:00 AM

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