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Dr. Singh & His Wife Mira
From The Beginning

My name is Vinaya Singh. I was born in 1967 in a very poor farmer family in remote village of India. My village was very underprivileged and underdeveloped. There was no water, electricity or good schooling. There were a couple of wells in the village, and I used to have to go to the well and pull water into a bucket and bring it home. My primary schooling took place under an open sky and when there was rain, there was no school. Life was very difficult. It was very challenging for a villager to even complete high school.

During my childhood, I had a dream to become a rocket scientist, but my parents were unable to afford a good education for me. Through my hard work and dedication, I was able to receive government scholarships to complete my BS and MS in computer engineering from very reputed institute in India. Finally, I made it and joined the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) as a scientist and worked on various space related projects. Through my work I also coordinated with NASA’s space programs associated with the Indian Space Research Organization.

I moved to United States of America in 1999 and worked in various companies as an IT Specialist. I completed my PhD in Management here in the US and became a naturalized citizen of the United States of America in 2016.

I got an opportunity to study various governance systems such as democracy, totalitarian, monopoly, dictatorship, communism etc. and visited more than 30 countries for this study. I came across the sufferings of people due to corruption and other issues in various parts of world. I also came to know that one can’t solve those issues until he is a politician and holds legislative or ruling office. So, now I am breaking into politics and running for Assembly to represent California’s District 10.

California is being ruined by the influence of wealthy special interests. I have a vision to Make California Great Again and I need your support. My vision is to approach issues with common sense and respect for taxpaying voters.

The burning issues of California, such as corrupt democracy, homelessness, crime, inflation and our deteriorating education system can only be solved if we take special interests out of the equation and focus on the root cause of each problem.

California’s Politicians running for election promise to resolve those burning issues but after winning the election and occupying the office, they fail to do so. If you really want to see results in reducing inflation & homelessness, decrease in crime, increased proficiency in K-12 students, and fixing a corrupt democracy, you MUST replace your assembly member.

We need solutions…not soundbites! If you want accountability, affordability, and safety, you must elect new leaders. If you would like to maintain the status quo or continue to decline, re-elect the same assembly members.

Meet Dr. Vinaya Singh, PhD

Growing Up

Born to a poor farming family in a remote area of India


Highly dedicated student with a vision of being a scientist who achieved a government scholarship and completed his BS and MS in Computer Engineering

NASA Scientist

Worked as a scientist for the Indian Space Research Organization and coordinated with USA’s NASA.

Internet Technology Specialist

Worked for various IT companies in the USA and completed his PhD in Management.


Became a Naturalized Citizen of the USA.

Space Research

Remains involved in space research programs and is credited with more than 25 research papers.

Hobbies & Interests

Enjoys playing Soccer, Volleyball, Chess, & Carrom.


Married to Mira Singh for 37 years with three adult children.

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